A WoW hunter leveling guide is a useful tool to have. There are a number of them available now which can help a World of Warcraft player get through levels 1-80. Although they are not exactly needed, they do make the game more interesting since they can offer tips on how a gamer can quickly up their level.

In here, we take a look at what a WoW hunter leveling guide can offer gamers and whether it is worth investing into. So, if you think you need help in playing the World of Warcraft game, read on.

What These Guides Are About

WoW guides are mostly there to offer tips to gamers on how they can move through levels 1-80. Although it is exciting to find one’s own way through the https://reelammunition.com/product/338-lapua-magnum-270gr-500-rounds/ maze of WoW, repetitive tasks can get boring. This is what is faced by a player who is constantly prevented from moving to a higher level.

What the guides do is identify which talents are useful for leveling up, which gears can help defeat opponents and which moves are helpful in getting the player to level 80 in as short a time as possible. These guides come in books, electronic publications and other media forms. There are also those that can be loaded the same time as the WoW game and act like a companion to the player as an in-game guide, with an arrow guiding the player’s character on where to go.

Becoming a Better Hunter

One thing that is quite common among these WoW leveling guides for the Hunter class is that they mostly agree that the Hunters have the biggest chance of moving quickly through levels. Hunters, according to guide authors, have the capability to go solo and jump over several levels of training, saving them time in getting to where they want to go.

There are several talents that can help speed up a gamer’s climb through the levels and these are available to Hunters through three Talent Trees which are Beast Mastery, Marksmanship and Survival. Under each tree there are various talents that can help a player move forward. Guides for leveling vary in their choice as to which tree is the best option for a gamer.

According to some, Beast Mastery offers the fastest way to upping levels since the Hunter’s leveling is dependent on his pet. However, some believe that it is actually a weakness since the pet often gets targeted by opponents which can put a Hunter in danger. Most WoW hunter leveling guide authors prefer Marksmanship since it provides the ability to inflict a higher degree of damage, with some even stating that it is even better than Survival.