Cables are electric conductors covered with insulating material. They are used to connect different components of a system such as connecting a DVD player with a TV. Cables are being used in almost every area of human activity. Cables of different make and uses are now available in the market.

Different types of cables like data cable, network cables, high voltage electric cables, fiber optic cables etc. are being used today. The use of these cables has changed the way information is transferred from one source to another. Data transmission is now faster than it used to be and this speed has helped with the growth of the information technology and telecommunications industry.

Household items such as TVs, refrigerators, and air conditioners need an electric cable to function. Electronic items, like personal computers, digital camera recorders use data cables to transfer images, pictures and sounds. Internet service providers and telecom companies have also laid thousands of miles of high-density data transmission cables. These cables have enabled people to connect with each other through Internet and telecom services. Industries are also making use of this high-speed connectivity to expand their business and improve profitability. electrical cable gland The cable manufacturing industry is also growing every year and new improved products are being launched regularly.

In the past, cables were primarily used for electricity distribution, but now they are being used in every sphere of human activity. Cables have indirectly helped people, companies and communities separated by distance to share information, ideas, news and views. Cables have certainly helped in making this world a global village.

The demand for cables is increasing every year. The market is also witnessing a parallel growth in wireless technology. TV and Internet broadband are now available through wireless technology. Though the technology is new and relatively expensive, it is certainly hassle free and expected to grow. The competition between cable and wireless has just started, but the market is huge and there is enough space for both to exist in near future.