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Do you already feel tired and unhealthy at this young age? If yes, then switch onto organic products right now, which are free from chemicals. Take a look at the 10 best reasons why you should switch to healthy eating habits-Food grown organically is the only way to avoid the chemicals and toxins present in commercially grown food mit go black. Scientists say that 90% of the substances present in inorganic foods have long-term health effects but still stamped as ‘safe’ in the market.

Organic foods contain more vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, and many enzymes than foods that are commercially grown as the soil remains nourished with practices that are sustainable by responsible standards. Organic foods provide 21.1% more iron, 27% more vitamin, 29.3% more magnesium, and 13.6% more phosphorus than their counterparts.The products produced organically will always be fresh and healthy as they are grown in a balanced environment. You can even start with a small garden at your home, in your balcony, or on your terrace. Think about picking your produce to make delectable delicacies!

The absence of chemicals and crop rotation and soil preservation helps keep the farmland healthy, thus preserving the ecosystem. Animals, plants, and insects will be able to play their part in the ecosystem and we should understand and act accordingly as their role is inevitable.Agriculture based chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers contaminate our environment. They poison and pollute our waters and destroy fertile land used for cultivation. According to an entomologist, only 0.1 percent of pesticides applied to plants reach the targeted pests. The majority is left to pollute the environment.

GMOs, also known as Genetically Modified Organisms take up 70% of the common crops grown in the world today, says the Center for Food Safety. The avoidance of GMOs will only take place by consuming the Non-GMO Project Verified foods and organic products.With the pandemic on the rise and people wearing masks while they are out to protect themselves from the deadly virus, switching to organic products is the only option in front of you to remain healthy and safe. The year 2020 is all about fighting the pandemic and the most significant way out is by tasting the healthiest produce from the organic gardens.

Did you know that people around the globe are looking for a way of living that will help them to survive this drastic situation? So why not you?If you find it difficult to buy or expensive, you can quickly grow these organic products in your garden and there are several online sites to guide you on the same. The entire module is available in easy to follow the format and can be utilized by all to enjoy healthy living.Switching from conventional cosmetics to natural products welcomes the use of baby products in the beginning. Our facial skin is the most delicate part so proper care and products are a must. It is always not possible to use baby products. Thus follow a guide that would properly help you to understand what one should include or exclude to ensure complete body treatment. While purchasing the skin care and hair care products, it is very important to ensure that you are the following harmful synthetic ingredients from the conventional body care items.

Although sulphates are responsible for the formation of foam and lather, it also brings with it a lot of health problems. The sulphates often cause irritation of the eyes and the skin. They often act as a penetration enhancer that allows other chemicals to get more easy absorption in the skin which slowly keeps on deteriorating the texture of the skin.The petrochemicals ingredients like that of petroleum and minerals oils are added to the lotions and creams to make the skin soft and supple. These petrochemicals have a negative effect as they are directly linked to the carcinogenic impurities. This product forms a barrier on the surface of the skin that prevents it from moisture drawing or releasing harmful toxins from the body.

Aluminium is generally used in mainstream anti-inflammatory perspirants. The negative effect of aluminium in the body treatments products lead to the hormonal disruption caused due to the accumulation of the metal in the body.These anti-bacterial ingredients are mainly found in hand soaps, sanitizers and even in toothpaste. They often carry the contamination risks that lead to irritation, allergic reaction, hormonal disruption, and even organic toxicity.