If you are thinking of buying a katana sword, make sure you keep a few things in mind. These tips are important whether you are going to buy a battle ready katana, a training ready sword or a sword for decorative purposes. Let’s find out what you need to consider before you buy one.

Swords for Decoration

If you are looking for one for decorative purposes, any sword can serve the purpose. you can buy stainless steel replicas that won’t cost a lot. For instance, you can get one for $50 or less, which is a reasonable price. These swords are made of wood or stainless steel.

Swords for Practice

As the name suggests, this type of sword is made for those who want to get started and need practice. Practice katana come in three types: dull steel swords, Shinai and japanese katana Bokken. You can get one based on your needs. Let’s find out more details about each type.

Dull Steel Swords: This type features a dull blade and round tips, which makes them an ideal choice for training. Plus, they are not expensive.

Shinai: This is a more durable choice. Typically, Shinai is an ideal choice for combat practice.

Bokken or Bokuto: This is a wooden Katana and is used for different types of martial arts training, such as laido and Kendo. Normally, this katana is not used for parrying or actual hitting because of the low durability.

Swords for Cutting

For Tanto or kitchen knives, stainless steel can work fine. However, it’s not a good choice for swords. For cutting, make sure you look for a katana made of carbon forged steel or folded steel. Actually, these materials offer much more durability, which means they can withstand a lot of punishment. However, it’s important to note that these swords cost a bit more money.

Before you buy a katana, make sure you find out whether it offers a full tang, which means the blade should extend the entire length of the sword. Moreover, the handle scales of the sword are part of the sides.

Here, it’s important to know that if the handle doesn’t have a full tang, the katana may break after a serious impact. It may also cause an injury to the sword user. This type of katana is a lot more durable and expensive. Sharpened swords need to be maintained from time to time so that they stand the test of time.

High-End Collector Swords

If you can afford to pay a higher price, you can opt for a unique katana. These swords are the works of arts and worth the high price. The downside is that they need to be taken care of so that they don’t rust over time. They cost between $500 and $10,000. So, if budget is not a problem for you, we suggest that you go for these high-end collector edition products.