The Vitamix Blender/Food Processor creates delicious juices. In contrast to traditional juicers, the Vitamix retains all of the fiber in the vegetables and fruits, resulting in more nutritious juices as opposed to traditional juicers that take all of the fiber, resulting in lots in food waste.



It is Vitamix is a sturdy blending and food processing/juicing machine that has a 2+ top horsepower motor and blade speeds of 240 mph. This is a sturdy machine that can create smoothies, soups, dressings and nut butters ease. I love the ability to adjust processing speed that lets you blend puree, chop, or grind at whatever speed you’d like to make your recipe. I also appreciate how the Vitamix Corporation offers a 7 year warranty on their machines which shows their trust on the high quality and reliability of their machine. There are numerous tales of Vitamix owners using their machines for more than 10 years or more without a single issue.



I thoroughly enjoyed the recipe book written by Vitamix employees and included with your Vitamix. Each employee submits recipes they’ve personally made and it will get your creative juices flowing. amazing ideas for a variety of soup ingredients as well as dressings, juices and more. ….



In this piece I’ll talk about three of my most favorite juices that I can easily make using my Vitamix.



Garden Fresh Cocktail



I enjoy this juice. There are spinach, tomatoes and carrots, onions parsley, red bell peppers in this drink. The other ingredients you can add are Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce that I strongly recommend if you prefer a kick into your drink. It was the very first juice I created using my Vitamix.



My first impression of the flavor was the freshness of the flavor. It was as if the vegetables were straight from the farmer’s market and were picked or picked that day. Since there  Vitamix Explorian E310 and E320 blender main Difference are no additives in your freshly made creations using the Vitamix you can enjoy the full taste of the veggies and fruits can be tasted. Of course it is healthier for you. This particular juice can be the perfect way to begin your day and an ideal drink to sip following a long day at work.



Frozen Strawberry Grape Juice



It is refreshing and particularly refreshing on a hot summer day. It contains green grapes, the red variety, as well as frozen and unsweetened strawberries, and frozen ice cubes. The Vitamix blends these ingredients effortlessly. It is always awe-inspiring to see that ice cubes can be instantly crushed by this machine. The juice can be made in the form of either a slush or a liquid juice. Whatever the case, it’s delicious. My kids are awestruck by the juice after exercise in the summer.



Carrot Juice Plus



Personally, I believe that this juice of carrots is by far the most delicious method to incorporate carrots into your diet. The juice contains carrots, halves of lemon juice or concentrate as well as water and frozen cubes. It’s hard to believe the amount of nutrients you’re getting from this delicious juice. The sweetness of carrots is enhanced by this juice, and the lemon gives just enough spice to balance out the sweetness of carrots.