The Cartoon Network has converted virtually all its cartoon character into online game characters. The Clone Wars is no exception, and you get to realize it more when you go to the website dedicated for it.

The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network comes as the succession of the legendary tales that hit the movie lovers some years back. Lucasfilm along with Genndy Tartakovsky did the animation of the tale about the eminent Clone Wars that gave birth to real hype in 2003. The story is mostly about transition happening between the second and third episodes of Star Wars.

Putting it straight, George Lucas comes to you with yet another story that tells you the tales regarding the time/years in between those 2 movies of Star War skanałytelewizyjnenażywo. And guess what? Cartoon Network once more has the opportunity to air it. They also have the whole thing in their game site.

The 1st animated series looked like bridging the gaps that remained between Episodes 2 and 3 quite well. Still, George Lucas is not finished narrating the story yet. While the 1st series was almost a 2-hour movie broken into installments of 3 to 5 minutes, this one comes with episodes as large as 30 minutes and it is meant to go as a full-season.

Each of the episodes stands apart narrating a tale of a battle in particular, throughout the War. This new Star Wars of Lucas has turned out to be a pretty lengthy episode on the television series. But viewers who did not view Episode 2 and 3 of that movie are likely to face some trouble catching up at first.

Clone Wars will not introduce lots of the original characters or the plot in background. Anakin’s Paduwon is not also introduced, telewizja online yet if the viewer got some glimpse of a few movie trailers, he or she would hopefully be able to know who Paduwon is. For viewers privileged with the opportunity of seeing the initial animated series, they might feel a bit delighted to view a character really intersecting – Asajj Ventress.

Apart from all that, through The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, George Lucas seems trying bloom the new one of his masterpiece. Hopefully, he will not let it snag up. The TV series is officially titled as ‘Star Wars: The CloneWars’ and is airing on Friday nights on Cartoon Network. You start feeling the heat of This series as soon as you start playing the game online on www cartoon network com Clone Wars game website. On the whole this new Clone wars game site is set to appeal to those who love things fairly easy. So visitors find it simple to use and at the same time the quality is pretty impressive to game lovers since it is fully Flash based. You get excellent colorful as well as nice animated experience.