Perfume Gift Sets For Women – Making a Decision Among the Variety

Perfume gift sets for women are holiday-savers. If you are quite not sure what to give your friendly next-door neighbor or a nice office associate, heading to the perfumery section need not to be that difficult anymore with pre-packed perfume gift sets for women. Gone are the days when you need to exhaust your sniffing prowess just so you can find the perfect bottle of scent that often ends up in the corner of bath area. Perfume gift sets for women are paired in many ways. Some of the boxes come as a complete grooming set, for fragrance layering, and, of course, by themes.

In this article we’ll discuss more about fragrances for women and why it’s the perfect gift for just about anyone – even for the most hard-to-pleased palate.

For Her Fragrances Varieties

While fragrance sets come in pre-packed nifty boxes, it is important that you can get even the tiniest of hints on what fragrance would she love. Some of the major categories of perfume gift sets for women that you need to sniff on include,

Fall Scents are perfect for those who need a quick vacation – even right at your very own cubicle. Spraying in fall scents are dominated by floral and oriental notes, warm and crisp hues that are perfect for the season. Fall  versace shower gel women’s scents are delicately formulated to achieve a right balance between wood notes and light floral scents. Fall scents are mixed with notes of vanilla, orange flower, cashmere woods, and burnt amber.

If she loves Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein, Very Irresistible by Givenchy, or the classic Chanel # 5, shopping for perfume gift sets for women during this season is as a wonderful opportunity to find the perfect box in this note.

Romantic Scents are, of course, one of the most produced and common fragrances for women. Romantic scents are often described to have mixed notes of abstract (not sweet) flowers topped with subdued Oriental scents. Best when layered, romantic scents often contain higher amount of oil for a long lasting scent that lingers in both skin and fabric. Often misinterpreted as sweet, romantic scents are dominated by seducing notes and elegance of May roses and Mandarin. Romantic scents, in essence, are best described as velvety.

If she loves Allure by Chanel, the bright orange-y bottle of Opium by Yves Saint Lauren, or Look by Vera Wang, going for scents in this line is definitely worth the smile in her face.

Summer Scents are those that are dominated with floral and sunny notes like grapes, peony, and white musk. Often playful, summer scents use subtle scents of blond woods or white musk as base to balance the happy scents played by Mandarin, wild flowers, and, of course, citrus fruits.

If she loves Brit Sheer by Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue, the light mood of Eternity by Calvin Klein, or Versense for Women by Versace, she’ll definitely enjoy a box of perfume gift set in these happy tones.

Why Go for a Gift Pack Set

Perfect for Layering. Perfume gift sets for women often come in a complete set of items essential for layering. Perfume lotions, powders, scented soaps, and, of course, shower gels are some of the inclusives that come in the price tag.

Ahead of the Pack, that is, when it comes to the latest fragrances. Perfume gift sets for women are attractive simply because they give way to the brand’s newest line of scent. Be the first one to wear the scent, even before others get a sniff of it.




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