Kiss Day – Seal It With a Kiss!

Kiss Day is one day in the entire Valentine’s Week that is being eagerly awaited by couples the world over. It is a day when one showcases their love and passion towards their partner through their kisses. While some prefer to take it slow and steady, others like it to be wet and wild.

So what does your partner prefer? Know the kissing style of your partner through their Zodiac Sign and surprise them by reciprocating their kisses in their own unique style.

Aries – The Passionate & Quick Kisser
The kisses of an Arian are full of lust, passion and intimacy. Not many zodiacs can satisfy you better or get it hotter than the Arians. However, their kisses end as quickly as they start. So make sure that you hold on and do not let them escape.

Taurus – The Gentle & Loving Kisser
Taureans express their emotions and their feelings through gentle, tender and loving kisses. They make you feel loved and forget all your worries in life. You feel extremely special and in complete harmony while kissing a Taurean.

Gemini – The Quirky & Surprising Kisser
Gemini is a very quirky kisser and full of surprises. You never know what to expect from a Gemini during a kiss. They might get serious at one moment or make a funny remark in the next. Their lack of intimacy during a kiss is also of serious concern.

Cancer – The Dreamy & Fantasy Kisser
Cancerians possess the capability of taking you to a whole new level through their kisses. But they must be pampered and satisfied first for them to return the favour through their dreamy kisses taking you to a fantasy land.

Leo – The Fiery & Wild Kisser
The Leos are quite fiery, wild and unrestricted, 918kiss but yet pretty generous in their kisses. They sure make you feel loved but to get them to commit is a big task. Put everything you have in your kisses if you wish to woo them, but never try to overpower them.

Virgo – The Unique & Insecure Kisser
Virgos are one of a kind among the zodiacs when it comes to kissing. Their kissing style is quite unique as they try to be subtle, romantic and surprising, all at the same time. It shows their insecurity while kissing which is actually not required.

Libra – The Apprehensive & Panicky Kisser
Librans are the kinds of kisser who worries and panics a lot while kissing and is also quite apprehensive. They worry about inconsequential factors like their breath or their expressions rather than focusing on kissing their partner and enjoying the moment.

Scorpio – The Irresistible & Soulful Kisser
Scorpions are the people whose kisses are hard to resist. They are also quite heavenly and soulful. They put all their passion in their kisses and satisfy you completely. However, they seem to wander to different dimension at times while kissing.

Sagittarius – The Unpredictable & Moody Kisser
The kisses of a Sagittarian are quite unpredictable and spontaneous. Their kisses are dependent on their fluctuating mood and it is impossible to figure out their timing and frequency. And the best part is that they always keep you craving for more.





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