Insomnia is a prescription sleep aid medication. Ambien CR is on version that helps you fall asleep faster. Chances are you have questions about these two forms of this version of Ambien as well as the regular version.

What is the difference between Ambien CR and the older version of this medication?

Ambien CR has two different layers. One layer helps you fall asleep while the other helps you stay asleep. The regular version just helps you fall asleep.

What is the main purpose of this medication (either the CR or the regular)?

It is meant to help men or women have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Usually the CR version of Ambien is better if you want to fall asleep and stay asleep. It may not be necessary though if you just need help getting to Ambien 10 Mg for sale sleep.

How fast does this medication work?

Usually it works in 15 to 30 minutes. The CR version of this medication helps a person sleep a full night-seven to eight hours.

What should I tell my doctor before receiving this sleep aid?

Your doctor should know if you have been or are now addicted to alcohol or drugs of any kind. You should also make this professional in charge of your health aware of any existing health conditions.

Should this medication be taken with or without food?

It is recommended that you take this medication without food. Taking it with food can reduce its effectiveness and cause it to take longer for you to fall asleep.

Should pregnant or nursing women use Ambien CR (or other version)?

You should talk to your doctor about it. Each case is unique.

When should this medication be taken?

It should be taken right before bedtime. You should be prepared to take it at a time when you are going to sleep an entire night.

Can Ambien be addictive?

It can be. That is why sometimes it is only recommended for short-term use. In other cases it may just lose its effectiveness after awhile, which is one reason people may become dependent.
Can a double dose of this drug be taken if I don’t fall asleep right away?

No you should only take the dosage that your doctor prescribes to you. You risk endangering your health when you take too much of it.

Can this be used by seniors or children?

Ask your doctor before using it on children. It probably is not recommended in most cases. It can however be used safely by senior citizens.

How should ambien be taken?

It should be taken exactly as instructed by your doctor and should not be crushed, chewed or cut. It should be swallowed whole.

For how long is Ambien CR usually used?

Just like the older version of this drug, it should only be used for a short time. Usually for only a week to 10 days it is recommended. If you have trouble sleeping after that a different form of treatment may be needed.

What side effects should I worry about?