There are a lot of different piano courses on the internet but for people who don’t know anything about playing the piano (which is why you want the course) it can be hard to figure out which is the best online piano course to purchase. I play the piano occasionally but my wife is a full-time piano teacher who strongly believes that learning should be fun. I’ve seen a lot of students who practice because they “have to” and usually they end up giving up quickly. It’s a shame really because playing the piano is an amazing feeling.

Finding the best online piano course means finding a good balance between information and entertainment. Trust me, you will continue to have a long and enjoyable piano experience if you always remember that playing piano means “playing”. It should be challenging but that does not mean it should be work.

The first thing you should watch out for are courses that only offer e-books and nothing else. It doesn’t matter how good you are at reading, the piano is an instrument and you will need some “sound advice” (get it?). For this reason you will want to find a course with Audio files (at least 100 of them) to play along to and try to mimic, as well as Video Files to show you the exact techniques and finger placements being used. If a course doesn’t have these two things then it is not the best online piano course for you, it will only lead you to frustration.

I’m not saying that e-books aren’t useful. Find a course with several e-books for different levels of skill. Do not invest in a course that only gives you beginner lessons, otherwise you’ll end up paying for more courses later and there’s no point. The best online piano course out there will evolve with you, don’t settle for anything else. My favorite 古典鋼琴課程 style of piano is Jazz Piano because it tends to be a great deal of fun, in my opinion any course that includes a book on Jazz piano is worthwhile.

My final bit of advice to you in finding the best online piano course is to make sure there are Games! Often the trickiest part of learning piano for my wife’s students is the sheet music. Many of us have never had experience with sheet music and learning all the notes and chord notations can be a real pain. There are a few computer games out there that make it dead easy and I would highly recommend them.


  • Jayde Musica Pro – Notes fly across the screen and you do your best to identify them as quickly as possible. Don’t worry about how well you’re doing, just focus on trying to beat your previous high-score. Before you know it you’ll have a great score and SURPRISE, you’ll know your notes.
  • Chordinator – This is a multiple choice guessing game that gets your familiar with Chords and chord notation. Again, focus on beating your personal best and you’ll find that sheet music is easy in no time!