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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing tool used to increase the availability of a particular business website when people search for a product or service on various search engines. It allows your business to have greater exposure to SEO backlinks prospective customers. In this digital era, irrespective of business category, size, and location, SEO is a must to enhance a brand’s visibility to its potential customers.

To launch a successful business, one must market the product. This marketing is now being done on the internet since millions of users are online. This is where SEO comes in, whose fundamental function is to make a particular business website available to those who are looking for the same products or services on search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

The chief work of SEO is to increase traffic to a business website. Traffic in this respect means the number of people who have looked into a particular website. The higher the traffic of a website, the higher its reach. SEO increases the awareness of a website, that is, informing people about the services or products the business website offers.

Trust in business is an important aspect that directly translates to sales. SEO, in this respect, is helpful as it exposes more people to a website. Therefore, it increases the value or the trust of the business. However, building a large consumer base is tough, even with SEO. So, one has to be consistent and deliver quality products.

A business website’s user experience is significant as it increases the company’s brand value. To ensure this, a website is supposed to be user-friendly and easily navigable. The point of SEO is not only to increase the traffic to a website but also to make the website fluid and less complex. If the quality of a website is user-friendly, it will be picked up by search engines. If a website takes a long time to load or is not easily navigable, then chances are even with SEO, the website will not reach a wider customer base.

Conversion rate is the data that records the number of people who perform the desired action. Here, it is the number of sales made. SEO is related to conversion because its basic function is increasing the consumer base by creating a website more available to Google, Bing, or any other search engine.

The brand value of a business or a company is dependent upon the number of customers it has. SEO directly influences this, as its work is to widen the consumer base of a business website. The more people view the website, the more the business’s brand value.

The expenses of a traditional marketing campaign are high. This cost can easily be curtailed through digital marketing and SEO. However, SEO is not as simple as making a website. One has to know certain things about algorithms to optimize search engines. But even with its difficulty, SEO is a worthwhile project.How to use SEO for promoting small businesses?When dealing with SEO, one has to be sure about specific important points, such as keywords and catchphrases. Here is a list of things to look out for when optimizing any search engine:-

The way to make SEO work effortlessly is to know the common keywords for a particular product. For example, if someone is selling water bottles on one’s website, one has to think about the keywords related to this product. Help can be taken from Google Ad’s Keyword Tools.For SEO, a clean website is essential. The website should be responsive and easily navigable. Also, the content on the website should not be overstuffed with keywords. A clean and user-friendly website always attracts most people.For a website to get the attention that SEO will be helping it achieve, the content of the website should be of higher quality. Articles, videos, and blogs are essential. Also, care should be taken to note the grammatical accuracy.

An SEO strategy can work best if social media is working with it. Social media can directly connect a business to its prospective customers. A business’s social media handle must be maintained with care, as it represents the brand image.Several analytics apps help in measuring SEO performance. Regular performance monitoring can also lead to troubleshooting, as technical glitches on any website are expected.

Search Engine Optimization is a great tool in modern-day marketing for its various uses. Making a website more available by inserting some keywords may seem easy, but it is not. SEO requires time and effort by the business. But that being said, SEO is almost a necessity now in boosting one’s business’ online presence.

Before the Internet, there was no search engine optimization. When the Internet got established and the World Wide Web came into the picture websites became the major interface for interacting online. Blogging also became popular along with many web applications like forums and SEO directories. The latter is not in practice anymore.

As the number of websites increased on the WWW, it became a problem to retrieve, the one with the right solution for the visitors. Then Google came into the picture, and indexing and ranking algorithms were born. Google revolutionized the WWW it made online search effective and easy. The company made systemic retrieval of websites with the right answers or solutions possible by typing search terms or keywords in the browser search box.

As the number of websites crossed the million figure, keyword competition crept in. Website owners and webmasters began an exercise to rank among the first ten blue links on the search engine result page or SERPs. They discovered the role of keywords on the page to rank and thus search engine optimization was born. Keyword stuffing worked, bad content worked, and almost all spam worked. But unfortunately, for spammers search algorithms were evolving. Now over two hundred metrics to index and rank websites that conform to search engine guidelines are in use.