How Air conditioning Maintenance on your Commercial Building Can Save money Long term. Carrier Air conditioning units – The Leaders in Air conditioning

When thinking about a commercial building’s air conditioning system, business owners cannot ever go wrong with having proper annual maintenance checks. Having ongoing maintenance on a commercial building will save a company a lot of money in the long term. Though some businesses may find regular air conditioning maintenance a superfluous expense, particularly if the business installed a newer air conditioning system, the reality is that in the long term, a business will accumulate a lot of money by paying a small fee for regular air conditioning maintenance. Air conditioners should be treated much in the same respect as vehicles – as vehicles require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to work at an optimal level, so should air conditioners.Haier Ductless Air Conditioning

During a routine maintenance  Air conditioner installation NYC visit, the air conditioning technician is able to thoroughly clean out the system and check every single part to make certain that they are not displaying any signs of wear and tear. If a technician does locate a problem, like a part that has to be replaced, the technician can make all necessary repairs in a quick, efficient manner. This means that the business owner will not necessarily have to worry about calling an emergency technician for a quick visit to the commercial building. No business should wait until the air conditioner fully breaks down. The business owner will likely have to spend a lot of money either repairing the current broken air conditioner or replacing the entire air conditioning system with a new one. That can be a very costly endeavor most businesses do not want to incur.

Catching a problem with the air conditioner early on means that all repairs will not involve a lot of parts and it will cost a greater deal less than if the problem continues that becomes a lot bigger. While the air conditioning system will be able to continue to function if a part is not working properly, it means that other air conditioning parts will have to work harder to ensure the air conditioner continues to work. This will cause additional wear and tear to these parts.

A properly maintained air conditioner in a commercial building will be a lot more energy efficient when it gets regular attention from a maintenance technician. Even newer systems tend to lose its energy efficiency over the years in operation. The cumulative effect of losing the efficiency of the air conditioner means that eventually the business energy bills will become a lot higher.

When a business owner opts to pay for regular maintenance on their air conditioner, they are more like to save money as they will be spending less every month to run the air conditioning system. All air conditioners can benefit from regular tune ups and cleaning. Not only that, but businesses should keep in mind that if the commercial building is properly air conditioned during the summer months, the employees are more likely to not be stifled from the heat and will become more productive, earning the business much more money!

Carrier air conditioning units are the leaders and pace setters in the field of residential air conditioning. The Carrier Corporation is the largest manufacturer and distributor of air conditioners. The company was founded by Willis Carrier, who went on to make a ground breaking invention, by developing the first air conditioner for residential use. As a result, today he is known as the father of air conditioning. In order to truly understand what makes carrier air conditioning units stand above the rest, you will need a little about how an air conditioner works.

An air conditioner is made up of two main sections, a condenser and an evaporator coil. A refrigerant gas is compressed and cooled within the condenser; this gas then goes through the evaporator coil, cooling the air around it; the cool air is then blown out into the room, thus cooling it. In the past Freon was the gas used. This gas was helping to destroy the ozone layer and so the gas was changed to R-134a or Puron which is environmentally safer. This gas basically did what the Freon did, but it requires more pressure. This is where Carrier air conditioning units stand out; they are equipped with compressors which have been specifically designed to tolerate the high pressure required. As a result you can be confident that the compressor will be fully operable during the life of carrier units. Compressors are the most expensive part of a unit, hence the durability and reliability of the compressor is important. In addition Carrier air conditioning units and compressors are backed with a 10 year warranty.

Carrier Corporation has a wide variety and a great number of models of Carrier units for you to choose from; from the small portable in house and window units to the industrial Carrier compressor. With over 100 years in existence they have been continuously perfecting the design of their air conditioners every since their ground breaking invention of residential air conditioners. They supply three main series central air conditioners; the advanced infinity series which has the highest efficiency in air conditioning and hence the most expensive, and the Performance and Comfort Series, which were designed to provide efficiency that anyone can afford with great comfort.

The Infinity Series was specifically designed to be the best, having Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating as high as 21, an indication that this is one of the most energy efficient cooling system. The Performance Series Central Air conditioner is made to be reliable, having a SEER rating of up to 18 and giving you great service by operating quietly. The Comfort Series Central Air conditioner is very economical, reliable, quiet and efficient. This series is available with an SEER of up to 17, and due to it Weather Amor louvered coil guard, it will definitely be providing you with great service for many years to come.



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