If you have the face like Brad Pitt, you will most probably have a thousand Angelinas running after you. Or if you have the body like David Beckham, you will probably have a lot of Posh Spices dying to be with you. But if you are not blessed with such looks, don’t worry, getting a girl to want you does not only depend on how good you look or how well built you are.

Here are some helpful tips that will help you in getting a girl to want you.

  1. Manage your reputation. Most girls go for the good guys. Make sure that people talk nicely of you. Do not enter into situations that will Call girls in Manali make you look bad. Do not go into silly arguments with people especially in public. News travel fast. She will surely find out about it.
  2. Always be well groomed. Always wear clean and well pressed clothes. Do not be seen with unkempt hair or with dirty shoes. This will tell people how disorganized you are. It would also help if you spray on perfume so you smell clean and fresh always.
  3. When you are on a date with her, focus your attention on her. Listen to her every word. Be attentive to her needs. Do not get distracted by what is happening around you. Looking at other girls is a big no-no.
  4. Give her gifts. This is not to ‘buy’ her attention. It’s just that women sometimes want to feel important. Giving gifts shows that she is special to you.
  5. Be a little romantic but not mushy. Flowers will help. Conversations about a romantic film that you’ve seen lately will also add up to your ‘loving’ nature.
  6. Do not brag about your achievements, real or otherwise. Braggarts are total turn offs. You can tell a little about your achievements but don’t tell her everything at once. If she wants to know, she would most probably ask anyway.
  7. Be different from other guys. Most men like to talk about sports, business or politics. Veer away from these topics unless she opens them up. Discuss on topics like a vacation spot you’ve been to or a museum you’ve visited. You can even say something about an outlet store that you have been to with your sister or your girl friend. This would give her the impression that you are not ‘allergic’ to shopping or to things that women want. Many women like their men to be with them when they do the things they enjoy.
  8. Do not talk about sex. Though women now are more liberated, many of them are still not up to discussing sex especially with the opposite sex. You can only go into this if she is the one who started the conversation. But even so, try to be more careful with the topic. She might just be testing your intentions.
  9. Since touching is a touchy issue, stay away from it as much as possible. Even holding her hand might make her stir.
  10. Always make your presence felt. Many men are bad at this. Do not be like others who become ‘absent’ for days after a date. In between dates, make it a point to call her or email her. You can also once in while drop by her office to say hi. Vary your styles. Just do not overdo it because you might be intruding too much into her life.