Drug Detox Could Be The Least Of Your Worries If You Abuse Benzodiazepines

Someone needs to make it very clear — to kids and adults of all ages — that benzodiazepines mixed with other drugs or alcohol kills a lot of people every year. In fact, if you’re regularly mixing benzos with other drugs or alcohol, you’re probably lucky if you only become dependent and need to get off them.

This week in Tampa, FL, a young adult found his 42-year-old father dead in his bedroom, his face How to Buy Xanax 1 Mg Online without Prescription and ears partially eaten off by the family’s three pit bull puppies. A family friend said the deceased had spent the evening drinking heavily, and had then taken Xanax, one of the worst of the benzo’s, before going to sleep. Authorities haven’t yet determined if the man was still alive when the dogs got at him, but chances are he wasn’t. After drinking excessive alcohol and taking Xanax, both of which are central nervous system (CNS) depressants, it’s too late for drug detox, and one’s chances of survival can be slim to none without emergency medical aid.

Meanwhile, up in Brooksville, FL, just north of Tampa, Buy Xanax Online a 17-year-old boy was arrested for trying to sell Xanax pills to another kid at the local high school. The want to-be pusher was arrested and taken to jail. It wasn’t reported where he got the more than two dozen Xanax pills, but data from law enforcement and drug detox and rehab providers indicates a lot of prescription drugs are swiped from parents and relatives. It’s also becoming all too easy for kids to get prescriptions from doctors by faking symptoms — they see it in movies and on TV all the time — and more and more kids are getting dependent on benzos and winding up in drug detox centers themselves. Drug detox for kids as young as 12 is becoming more prevalent across the US.

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