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6 Key Qualities of a Tech Support Team

When a business looks forward to outsource their technical support, they should carefully choose their outsourcing partner. To find the best technical support service provider, they should look for a wide array of competencies in both computing hardware and software.

However, there are a number of broader features and qualities that can help a business leverage sound knowledge into valuable organizational performance.

1. Good End User Communication

When solving an issue of the end users and agent can build a close relationship with them. It is often considered an essential part of problem solving. If the agents keep a regular conversation with the customers, it helps them easily get additional information.

The end users, on the other hand, get some peace of mind knowing that their issue is being addressed to. It allows a healthy relationship based on trust. As a result in case there are further issues, the end users will be able to rely on the tech support team.Techmaster60

2. Efficient Internal Communication

It is important that everyone in the tech support team has up-to-date information about the project. This saves loads of time and helps another agent to quickly move onto any further stage of tech support solution. Members of the team should keep notes on planned and completed stages of an issue so that their colleagues can quickly understand the situation.

3. Taking Ownership of a Problem

In case the technical issue faced by the end user requires third-party assistance (software manufacturer); a good tech support team should take accountability and ownership of the issue with honesty and transparency at the beginning of all communication. If they keep denying their accountability, it will irritate customers and derail the momentum of the project.

4. Round the Clock Drive

Tenacity and open-mindedness of the team towards finding a solution is an essential part of tech support industry. So if the members of the team are proactive, they will stop not till they get to the solution of a problem, even when they are not working.

However, this does by no means signify that the tech support professionals should not rest till the problem is not solved.

It simply means that a good IT support professional passionate about resolving issues has this itch for resolving issues at hand that keeps his mind on the job even when he is not at his desk.

5. Share Knowledge and Skills with Colleagues

The third-party providers of tech support should have a team hungry for the most updated knowledge. The members of the team should be willing to share the knowledge and advice with the team members.

They should also share their experience to help colleagues resolve a similar situation. It saves time and helps the agents in the troubleshooting process.

6. Learn from Mistakes and Successes

Every tech support project comes with a few lessons. They might be good or bad. But it is absolutely vital that the tech support agents or engineers learns those lessons and applies them in their future projects as and when possible to save time and optimize their efficiency.

It also pays when the agents maintain and share logs and documentations among the team members to spread the knowledge.

When a third-party provider has a tech support team that can boast all these qualities, they are more likely to be chosen as the tech support outsourcing partner of any business.



FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) – The 3 Reasons To NOT To Listen To Your Upline

You joined FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) with promises from the person who recruited you about how your upline would help you to build a strong and successful organization, right? I would bet that felt like a big advantage — having people who were rooting for you to succeed and were ready and willing to help you.

Were you told that ‘a rising tide raises all ships’ and that it was in your FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) upline’s best interest that you succeed — so if you just do everything they tell you, that you would be virtually led effortlessly down the path to success? Well, there is some truth in that… but that is not the whole story.

I am not saying your FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) upline is not on your side, and do not want you to succeed. They do! I am not suggesting some conspiracy to see you fail.

What your FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) upline does not tell you, though, is that a lot of what they doing and telling you to do under the guise of “helping” you is actually not really serving your best interest and isn’t putting you in the best position to succeed.

1. What They’re Telling You Positions THEM (Not You): What is one of the biggest ways that your FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) upline offers to help you? They offer to be the “lead” on 3-way calls, in-home parties and hotel meetings. This may help you recruit a few associates, and it is GREAT for positioning them, but it does you no favors. You want to position yourself as the expert — not your company or anyone in your FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) upline. This is key to creating and keeping the right type of relationship with the people in your downline. People want to be affiliated with and will buy from the person they see as the expert (not their “underlings.”)

2. What They’re Telling You Is The SLOWEST Way To Build A Business: All of the “belly to belly,” handing out every kind of company marketing material to any stranger who will take it and focus on approaching your warm market as the strategy for building your FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) business can work (albeit not nearly as well as other things). Even when it works at its optimum success rate, though, it is among the slowest ways to build your FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) business. It can often take months (if not years) to achieve the kind of success you are hoping to achieve. In the meantime, you will have to be able to afford to spend all the “investment” money over quite a bit of time in order to keep yourself from going out of business before that happens.

3. What They’re Telling You Will Cost You Money You Don’t Need To Spend: Piggy-backing a bit off of #2, something that virtually EVERY FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) newbie is told is essential to building their business is to have the right materials to be able to succeed. You are told that you must have an inventory of product samples to hand out. You are told you must have FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) marketing materials — like DVDs, t-shirts, mousepads, brochures, business cards and car window stickers — to properly market your business. You are told you need to attend “rock concert” like regional events.

All of this is great for Techmaster80 and your upline who are cashing in on you doing this whether you end up making a dime in your business or not. All of this is also great to market FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) — but it does nothing to market YOU. This is not, however, where you want to spend your marketing budget. You would be better off learning how to use your marketing budget to market your FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing) business on the Internet so you can grow your business faster and much more effectively.

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Quais as 10 profissões mais bem pagas no Brasil em 2022

<p>Os arquitetos de nuvem são altamente procurados no setor de TI, pois todas as empresas usam a nuvem e precisam de arquitetos de nuvem para sua manutenção e aquisição. Um desenvolvedor full-stack trabalha no desenvolvimento completo e na manutenção do site de uma organização. Eles trabalham nas funcionalidades de front-end e back-end de aplicativos, o que torna os desenvolvedores full-stack um membro crucial do campo de TI da organização. Além disso, eles são responsáveis ​​por corrigir problemas que podem ocorrer no front-end e back-end do site. A qualificação para um gerente de produto é um diploma de bacharel em administração de empresas, economia, gestão ou qualquer outro campo relacionado. Os gerentes de marketing digital ganham um salário médio de ₹ 600.000 p.a.</p>
<h2>Gerente De Informática E Sistemas De Informação: $ 162930</h2>
<a href=””><img src=”” alt=””/></a>
<p>Como o desenvolvimento full-stack é uma disciplina bastante ampla, incluindo tudo, desde desenvolvedores WordPress a desenvolvedores de aplicativos em nuvem, a faixa salarial é bastante ampla. Mas os desenvolvedores full-stack estão sempre em demanda, tornando este um dos melhores campos para entrar. Os desenvolvedores de aplicativos móveis recebem uma ampla gama de salários, com desenvolvedores iniciantes geralmente ganhando cerca de US$ 40.000 e profissionais experientes ganhando até US$ 200.000. Em média, porém, os desenvolvedores de aplicativos ganham cerca de US$ 100.000 no mercado, e é fácil entender por quê. Os principais desenvolvedores Java são os especialistas em Java SE e tecnologias relacionadas a ele.</p>
<h3>Arquiteto De Tecnologia Da Informação</h3>
<figure class=”wp-block-image aligncenter size-full”><img src=”” alt=”comprar diploma online” class=”wp-image-516″/><figcaption>Graduação superior e Profissões para o futuro</figcaption></figure>
<p>Como o sexto emprego mais bem pago na Nigéria, os especialistas neste campo empregam os métodos mais sofisticados de diagnóstico, tratamento e tecnologias de ajuda. O primeiro em nossa lista dos empregos mais bem pagos na Nova Zelândia é um gerente de TI. Talvez uma das plataformas mais antigas desta lista, o CareerBuilder existe e ajuda as pessoas a encontrar empregos desde 1995. A plataforma permite que você carregue seu currículo para facilitar a procura de trabalho.</p>
<h4>Atualize-se Com Esses Cursos Para Receber Os Melhores Salários</h4>
<figure class=”wp-block-image aligncenter size-full”><img src=”” alt=”comprar diploma online” class=”wp-image-516″/><figcaption>Graduação superior e Profissões para o futuro</figcaption></figure>
<p>Os calouros neste campo podem começar como um comerciante afiliado e gradualmente subir a escada corporativa. Profissionais experientes ou pessoas de outras profissões podem fazer cursos de certificação em marketing digital para se atualizar. Como em todas as outras divisões, os profissionais mais bem pagos no setor clínico incluem executivos e diretores e gerentes. Logo atrás deles estão os cientistas clínicos, que ganham um salário médio anual de $ III.833. Seguindo cientistas clínicos estão gerentes de projeto em $ III.000 e técnicos em $ 77.823.</p>
<p>Tornar-se até mesmo um analista de banco de dados básico ensinará mais sobre a disciplina. Embora o DevOps já exista há algum tempo, seu recente aumento de popularidade tornou os especialistas em DevOps extremamente procurados. Hoje, o DevOps é um dos empregos de tecnologia mais bem pagos e é provável que continue subindo para o topo da lista dos principais salários dos empregos de TI. Se você deseja fazer uma transição de carreira na área de TI, estes são os empregos mais bem pagos em tecnologia disponíveis em 2022. Em outras palavras, os desenvolvedores de pilha MEAN são semelhantes aos desenvolvedores de aplicativos baseados em JS.</p>
<p>No entanto, tem havido muitos usos industriais e relacionados à saúde para esses materiais descobertos ao longo dos anos que contribuem bem para a sociedade. Os engenheiros nucleares trabalham arduamente para planejar e desenvolver métodos seguros e eficazes de manuseio desses materiais para que possam ser usados ​​em um ambiente populoso. Fornecemos a você uma lista de campos populares para engenheiros nucleares abaixo. Os especialistas em recursos humanos são responsáveis ​​por fechar a lacuna entre as grandes empresas e seus funcionários. Esses profissionais podem atuar como um mediador entre os dois, o que proporciona conforto para os funcionários e uma forma de unificação para as empresas em diversos cenários. Como engenheiro aeroespacial, os profissionais dessa área ajudarão uma equipe na invenção e criação de espaçonaves capazes de viagens espaciais bem-sucedidas.</p>
<h5>Gerente De Desenvolvimento De Negócios</h5>
<figure class=”wp-block-image aligncenter size-full”><img src=”” alt=”comprar diploma online” class=”wp-image-516″/><figcaption>Graduação superior e Profissões para o futuro</figcaption></figure>
<p>Amplo conhecimento de física e cálculo é necessário para calcular adequadamente a resistência e durabilidade de vários materiais em um ambiente espacial. Saiba <a href=””>comprar diploma superior</a> e obter sua independencia financeira com um diploma orginal. Seja um mestrado em administração de empresas ou um doutorado em administração de empresas, os alunos devem escolher um programa de pós-graduação que melhor se adapte à sua situação. Ter o melhor diploma pode dar aos graduados uma vantagem ao buscar oportunidades de carreira na área de negócios.</p>


New MOOC Models: Blended Learning

If there’s one thing we have learned from the rapid changes in education and training over the past year it is that there is more than one way to do things, even in education. New technologies emerge, they disrupt the status quo, and then, inevitably, they change. This is exactly what has happened with massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Contrary to what many people predicted, MOOCs were not a “one and done”-they have continued to expand and gain credibility, and now you can get a massive online master’s degree in computer science from Georgia Tech. And contrary to what many feared, MOOCs have not yet replaced traditional colleges and training programs (at least the last time I checked all of our country’s higher education institutions were still standing). What MOOCs have done and will continue to do is change how education is delivered, both online and in the classroom. They have broadened the scope of what people expect from courses and from technology-enabled learning tools. Over a short series of articles, we will look at some new ways MOOCs are being used and how these models can facilitate training and development programs.

One of the main, and perhaps least surprising, uses of MOOCs and MOOC elements is in blended learning. Blended learning is a model in which online and instructor-led environments are combined to enhance learner mastery and success. This isn’t just randomly introducing technology into classrooms; instead, it is harnessing the power of technology to streamline the educational process, free instructors to spend more of their time actually teaching, and provide learners with the additional supports they need to succeed.

Blended learning is not a new idea in corporate training and development. It is commonly used for onboarding new employees and has many other applications as well, especially when training needs to be delivered to many different people across various locations.

Blended learning helps trainers better meet the needs of learners. People learn differently-with different styles and at different paces. Through blended environments, instructors can cater to the diversity of their learner group.Here are three main advantages of blended learning identified by Michelle Reece and Barbara Lockee in their article “Improving training outcomes through blended learning”:

  • Using elearning methods, trainers can assess learners prior to training, which can inform the development of instructional materials. Blended learning can also facilitate prework so that when new hires arrive for instructor-led training, they are ready to hit the ground running.
  • Blended learning is instrumental in learner retention and the practical application of learning in the workplace. Even after the instructor-led portion of the training is over, online resources such as course content and discussion boards exist for learners to refer to in their work. Elearning methods, like training simulations, can also provide opportunities for learners to practice before they encounter real problems.

So how can MOOCs be used in blended learning?

MOOC methods and technologies can provide the basis for blended courses, while instructors provide supplemental guidance. This idea is already being used in higher education. This semester, professors at Harvard and Berkeley are using the edX platform to deliver what they call SPOCs, or small private online courses. SPOCs are like MOOCs in that they use video lectures, discussion boards, machine-graded assessments, and other MOOC elements, but they are unlike MOOCs in that they are open only to students enrolled at their respective schools (and in Harvard’s case up to 500 additional participants). Students in Harvard and Berkeley’s SPOC take their courses online, but still meet in person for projects and discussions.

The advantages of this format for training and development programs are many:

  • The blended learning model supplements the major advantages of MOOCs (i.e., repeatability, scalability, and technology) with the face-to-face interaction many learners require. The team at Harvard sees this as a way to combat the famously high MOOC dropout rates.
  • Trainers can use MOOC elements like video training sessions and even webinars to increase efficiency of the training process so that they can spend more of their time in one-on-one interactions.
  • Blended learning can be scaled more easily across an entire organization than can instructor-led training. This is especially important as companies rely on fewer employees to carry out their training agendas. According to the Big Ideas blog over at Omnipress, the trainer-to-learner ratio is falling and n
  • ow sits at about 5 to 1000. Companies are trying to do more with less.
  • The SPOC model is perfect for companies that don’t want to run true MOOCs (due to intellectual property or privacy concerns), but are still seeking efficiencies in their training programs. The corporate SPOC is essentially a MOOC run on a private Intranet. These courses can be hosted on an existing learning management system without having to worry about whether it will accommodate unlimited users.
  • Like in MOOCs, trainers only need to develop the instructional materials once and then they can be used repeatedly. But SPOCs have the advantage of having an in-person instructor available to address changes or new developments in a field or process without needing to redesign the learning resources.

Tech New Master

  • Trainers can license externally developed training content, or use freely available materials, as the starting point from which to design a company-specific curriculum.

MOOCs didn’t kill classrooms; they just made classrooms much, much bigger. Similarly, MOOC methods and elements will expand both the scope and the effectiveness of blended learning environments. This new model will boost onboarding and other training efforts by allowing L&D departments to deliver more personalized training to more people in a shorter period of time.

Copyright 2013 Bryant Nielson. All Rights Reserved.

Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.- offers 25+ years of training and talent management for executives, business owners, and top performing sales executives in taking the leap from the ordinary to extraordinary. Bryant is a entrepreneur, trainer, and strategic training adviser for many organizations. Bryant’s business career has been based on his results-oriented style of empowering the individual.

Samsung D900 and Samsung E900 Two Brilliant Samsung Mobile Phones

Samsung’s products exude a class of their own with their exemplary style and innovative technologies. Samsung now brings two world-class gadgets: Samsung D900 and Samsung E900. An amazing gadget, the Samsung D900 features incredibly slim looks and smashing features. One of the slimmest handsets in the world, the Samsung D900 measures only 13mm.

An absolute stunner, the Samsung D900 is a classy handset with a reflective magnesium surface and smooth contours. The Samsung D900 offers you high-quality digital imaging with a 3 megapixel camera, auto-focus and a macro function. Rediscover the joy of multimedia with an MPEG4 video player, an MP3 player and 3D sound technology. Enjoy your videos on TV via a TV-output feature or simply watch them on the handset itself on the 240×320 pixels QVGA display. The Samsung D900 also offers you other superb features like Pictbridge mobile printing, an MS office document viewer and a file explorer. samsung au7700

Next in the fray from Samsung is the absolutely amazing Samsung E900. This stunning product packs stunning slider looks in a splendid design. The Samsung E900 has attractive touch-sensitive keys which only light up when used and then fade afterwards. The Samsung E900 features a swish feature array consisting of EDGE, an XHTML browser, WAP, Bluetooth and a Triband GSM. Shoot the special moments of life through the lens of an in-built 2 megapixel camera in the Samsung E900. Make amazing videos with an MPEG4 video recorder and store them in the 80 MB memory.

Send beautiful text messages to friends and family via SMS and a brilliant T9 predictive text input feature. Incorporating advanced connectivity features like MMS and an Email client, Samsung E900 helps you stay connected with the rest of the world wherever you are. Go for these splendid Samsung mobile phones and get a taste of the new-age technology.