A majority of the houses, which are present, these days, are Lost Mary all well equipped with high insulating materials such as California spray foam. However, the older homes are all fitted with outdated insulating materials such as fiberglass. It is prepared from lightly weight wired fibers, which are pink in color. These fibers are compressed in such a way that they form a sheet. They are inexpensive and have a lesser efficiency to climate control and thus offer least protection and waste a lot of energy.

In order to provide our homes with stronger blockades between our walls and outer world, we should always look into the advantages of California spray foam as the insulator between the walls instead of using the older and harmful fiberglass. California spray foam has liquid polyurethane as its chemical ingredient. This chemical then solidifies and takes the form of a spongy substance once it strikes the wall. As liquid polyurethane is in the liquid state, it is capable of penetrating through the complete surface that it is treating and fills the thinnest and the smallest of cracks and thus giving it a stronger protection from outside world. California spray foam creates a very thick barrier as a result of which it stops the entry of all the insects and pets from entering in our house, which they always do when the insulating material was fiberglass as they could easily chew, displace or tear it.

But, California spray foam fixes undyingly to the vicinity. California spray foam has an uneven surface and strength which makes it possible to stop the entry of insects and pests and prevents other problems like mold and water from leaking into and damaging it. California spray foam is thus the safest option as compared to fiberglass. California spray foam is also used for creating soundproof walls. The spray foam has a thick coating which reduces the loud noise. The spray foam is essentially a green matter and has better energy efficiency. California spray foam is created from recyclable and renewable resources and therefore is useful to both the environment and economy. California spray foam is a bit expensive but it increases the worth of our house and reduces the electricity bill.