Bonus At Vegas Technology Powered Casinos

If you’re someone who enjoys gambling and you’ve given the online casinos a try, then it is likely you have come across a casino powered by Vegas Technology software company.

There are two different approaches to how the casinos choose to give a bonus at an establishment which is powered by Vegas Technology. One network of casinos add the bonus to the player’s account at the same time the deposit is completed. Everything is automated and generally happens without a hitch.

The first approach is undeniably the best, most player-friendly way of adding a bonus to a customer’s account but it does prevent you from the opportunity of talking with the support agent and asking if there is perhaps a better bonus available than the one which is on the plate for  that day. This is especially important for the loyal player who visits the casino often because they likely have a much better bonus available if they know to ask.

It has another downside too,  which is that by adding the bonus to the player’s account upon the deposit,  the player is immediately saddled rtp slot gacor with a play-through requirement that accompanies any bonus. This is not a situation exclusive to the Vegas Technology network by any means, but there does exist an opportunity which isn’t tangible with other casino networks.

Which brings me to the second way that Vegas Technology powered casinos award a bonus to a player’s deposit which is that they ask the player to contact customer support through toll-free long distance phone service or by using their live support chat. The latter is often how I choose to contact support but please be aware that using the live support chat option for contacting support can result in an extended waiting period.

The network that requires you to contact support may not be aware they are giving the player an extra edge by using such an approach. Accepting a bonus means you are also agreeing to gamble a certain number of times on only certain games which are basically the slots and nothing else,  however in the case of Vegas Technology they do allow the player to participate in other games such as blackjack,  but only a small percentage of play is credited towards the play-through requirements.

The bottom line on that aspect is that by providing the bonus the casino gets guarantee that you will stay and gamble your money for longer than you might have chosen otherwise but by having the player contact support after they have made their deposit it allows for a window where the player can go gamble their deposit and if they hit a big win then they no longer need the bonus added to their account because once it is added the terms state that the bonus and money in the account must each be gambled (roughly) thirty times through.

If you have just won a nice chunk of money then support will tell you that if you take the bonus at that point, your play-through requirements will be outrageous due to how much your big win has inflated your account. The wise thing to do is forsake the bonus and be happy that you have as much or more than you would have enjoyed if you had gotten your bonus upon the deposit, but without any sort of play-through requirements.

You are free to cash out any time you choose to do so.

So the two approaches to awarding a bonus to the player’s account both have their advantages. Since it is true that in most cases the player is going to end up losing the money back to the casino then it is obvious that from a player’s perspective the bonus awarded at the time of deposit is going to be the most convenient most of the time because the alternative generally results in a waiting period which can be as long as an hour or more. The alternative method has advantages also which make themselves apparent whenever the player hits a big win because they do not have to continue playing if so desired, because they never actually accepted the bonus.



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