Become a Life Coach – 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Build a Coaching Practice From Home

Any of this sound like you? You want to become a life coach. You have PASSION…..and feel a strong sense of purpose for helping people. The idea of contributing to your community while making a living is exciting, enticing and exhilarating ALL at the very same time. Yet… have no idea how to parlay your passion into profit!

The sad truth?

Something like 90% of aspiring life coaches will NOT make money…..and will ultimately live lives smaller and less fulfilling than those they want, crave and desperately deserve….SIMPLY because they don’t know how to build a profitable practice. (it’s really actually very easy)

The biggest hindrance to building a successful coaching business?

Lack of marketing skills. Believe it or not…certification and accredited play a very small role in your ability to make a full time living as a coach. Marketing….or unfortunately, the LACK of marketing skill, is the #1 hindrance that I see holds most aspiring coaches back.

So what is the best way to market yourself as a coach?

Honestly? There are no less than 10 or 11 simple, effective and amazingly easy ways to build a coaching practice, and in the interest of time and space, I’m going to list my 3 favorites immediately below.

1 Use your BLOG as a BULLHORN: In 2010…there is NO better way to build rapport and relationships with potential clients than a blog, and if you DON’T have one, you are making a critical mistake. (because those of us who do WILL paper writing service reddit own the exact “eyeballs” that you need to succeed)

2 Article Marketing is Amazingly Easy: Writing articles for syndication like this one is a GREAT way to generate an avalanche of interest in your products, services or web site…and the beautiful part is it’s 100% free. (very powerful, too)

3 Pay Per Click marketing CAN be magic. Want to know the truth? Know matter WHAT you read otherwise, pay per click, or using Google ad words is still the FASTEST and in some ways, the easiest way to build a coaching practice there is. The downside? It costs money…and if you aren’t sure of what you are doing, it CAN be costly in more ways than one! (but is easy to learn and VERY profitable once you do)

The bottom line?

Don’t settle. If you have the passion…….you CAN turn it into perpetual piles of profit without much heavy lifting at all. The 3 simple techniques above work wonderfully well for US….and will do the very same for you as well!


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