Are you having an aphid problem with your garden? Ladybirds are a great way to get rid of aphids. Ladybirds are a natural ladybird pest control method that can be used to rid your garden of aphids.

Ahids are a common pest in gardens. They can cause damage to many plants, including roses, trees, and vegetables. There are two types of aphids: greenfly or blackfly.

To increase the number of ladybirds in your garden, it is a good idea to buy them.

Aphids can damage your plants by sucking out the sap from plants. This in turn can weaken the plants and cause foilage to discolour and fall. Aphids produce honeydew, which turns black on plants and transmits viruses to your plants.

There are three biological products that can be used to control aphids naturally. These include ladybird larvae as well as lace-wing larvae and parasitic wasps.

Ladybird larvae are predators that eat small insects. The larvae of lacewings eat small insects, including thrips as well as young caterpillars. Parasitic wasps, which are small wasps, lay eggs in aphids. The larvae then rid the aphid. Parasitic wasps are very fast-breeding and can fly all over the place looking for aphids. These wereps are great for greenhouses.

Ladybirds will immediately find the aphids and lay as many as 20-50 eggs per day to combat the problem. Depending on the weather, ladybird eggs typically hatch in 4-8 days.

It is essential to make sure there are no ants around the ladybirds’ area.