American Bulldog Puppies – How To Get Yourself The Coolest Dog In The World

There is no cooler dog than the American Bulldog when it comes to folks who are truly dog people. It’s not a coincidence that these dogs are so often stars up on the big screen. They just attract attention, without even trying. When looking for American Bulldog puppies, you’re going to find that these little devils are in high demand.

And with any breed of dog that is French bulldog puppies for adoption in demand we’ll be looking at higher prices for puppies. That’s just the way the world works. Scarcity adds value, it’s just simple economics.

So, what will you probably end up spending for an American Bulldog pup? Well, we’re going to level with you here, they are pretty expensive and you should prepare yourself for a little sticker shock, an American Bulldog pup will run you about $800 to $900 dollars Americano. Cash or charge? That’s not as expensive as a show dog puppy but for the average Joe that’s not chump change.

Do you want to save some money? Well we’ll tell you a little secret, if you can find yourself a puppy that’s over about twelve weeks old the price really drops off the table, you’ll pay around one third of the price of a newborn puppy. You heard it here first.

What about English Bulldogs or French Bulldogs? Well, if you live in the good old U.S. of A nothing less than an American breed will do. Moving on, a bit more about this breed-they are extremely mischievous, especially when they are puppies, so be sure to puppy proof your house as best as you can. They will get into everything, and we mean everything. Say good bye to your socks if you leave them on the floor.

But, truly, American Bulldogs are a joy to have around the house, they are very human in so many ways and they’re loyal to the end. It seems that they can sense when you’re feeling down and will curl up at your feet to make you feel better. They don’t call dog’s man’s best friend for nothing.

And in addition to their loyalty they are often just downright hysterical. When you look at a bulldog it’s like you’re looking a tiny person because these animals are truly some of the most anthropomorphic animals ever born.

Don’t expect to find any American Bulldog puppies at the local rescue or shelter because these dogs are highly valuable, the dogs that usually end up in the shelter are mixed breeds. It’s heartbreaking but true, they are the unwanted. But anyway, look for a licensed American Bulldog breeder and see if you can buy a slightly older puppy and you’ll be ecstatic at the price and your new puppy.


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